Waste Heat Economizers from American Heating Company

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When it comes to operating an efficient facility, implementing an effective waste heat recovery system is imperative. Often times, this means investing in a high quality waste heat economizer.

There are many benefits and advantages to waste heat recovery. From increasing efficiency to conserving resources and reducing waste, waste heat recovery can make a big difference for your facility.

Investing in the right waste heat recovery technology can help you to cut costs, reduce energy consumption, and more!

Increase Plant Efficiency with a Waste Heat Economizer

American Heating Company’s robust style high temperature waste heat economizers are built based on rigorous API standards practiced throughout the world. Our innovative industrial waste heat recovery technology is utilized in our thermal fluid heaters and all of the heaters we build, making our heating equipment some of the most efficient on the market.

Our waste heat economizers enable significant waste heat recovery and are key components of the complete industrial heating systems we provide to customers in a variety of industries including chemical, refinery, tank terminal, and asphalt.

Enhanced, Efficient Waste Heat Recovery Units

To help your facility run more efficiently, we offer a number of waste heat recovery units including finned pipe and bare pipe waste heat economizers. These waste heat recovery units come in a variety of designs and capture the energy from hot gas exiting incinerators, oxidizers, turbines, gasifiers, and other industrial equipment. That energy is then used to heat up a variety of heat mediums including hot oil (heat transfer fluid), asphalt, glycol, and other solvents, which then transfers the heat to other users.

Applications for our waste heat economizers include the following:

  • Heating thermal fluid in an economizer using turbine exhaust gas
  • Heating thermal fluid in an economizer using the flue gases from a thermal oxidizer, incinerator or gasifier
  • Heating asphalt in an economizer using the exhaust gas from a thermal oxidizer or incinerator
  • Heat water/glycol in an economizer using the exhaust gas from a thermal oxidizer or incinerator

API style heat economizers from American Heating Company can also handle heavy ash or dirty gas that is very common with applications in a variety of industries. The following waste heat economizer design features ensure that our waste heat recovery units will withstand high particle gas:

  • Soot blower lanes and soot blowers
  • Castable refractory throughout unit
  • Maintenance access between sections
  • Removable header boxes

Looking to learn more about the uses and benefits of a waste heat recovery unit? Check out our waste heat economizer FAQs here.

Increase Waste Heat Recovery With A Waste Heat Economizer from American Heating Company

Learn more about our complete industrial heating systems and find out how waste heat recovery units from American Heating Company can help your plant run more efficiently. Whether you’re looking for a standard solution or a waste heat recovery unit customized to meet your facility’s specific needs, we can assist you.

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