Chemical Process Heating Equipment for Use in the Chemical Industry

chemicals for chemical process heatingIn the chemical and petrochemical industries, temperature regulation and control is incredibly important. As a result, implementing durable, technologically advanced chemical process heating equipment your facility can rely on is key to running a successful and profitable plant.

At American Heating Company, we design and manufacture heating equipment for various applications in the chemical industry. Our process heaters and heat exchangers are key components of industrial heating systems in chemical plants throughout the country.

Reliable, High-Quality Chemical Process Heaters

Chemical process heaters from American Heating Company are designed with quality, durability, and efficiency in mind, and are made in the USA. Our industrial process heaters and heat exchangers efficiently heat both liquids and gases and can be utilized in a variety of ways within the chemical and petrochemical industries and beyond.

As a provider of innovative industrial process heating solutions for chemical plants and refineries and other industries, we manufacture and distribute a variety of process heaters and process heating systems. All are ASME code compliant. Additionally, we can manufacture your process heating system to API-660 standards upon request. Our chemical process heaters come standard or can be custom designed to meet your facility’s unique needs and requirements.

Whether you are looking to replace an entire chemical heating system or you’re merely looking to upgrade certain piece of equipment, we can help!

When It Comes to Cost-effective Chemical Process Heating, Trust AHC

At American Heating, our industrial heating equipment is a cost-effective solution for plants and facilities in the chemical industry. If you’re a plant manager or engineer at a chemical facility looking to upgrade your heating equipment, we encourage you to turn to American Heating Company.

Put our experience and knowledge of chemical process heating solutions to work for your facility! Give us a call today at (715) 748-5888 or contact us online for more information.

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