Industrial Heating Equipment for Applications in the Biodiesel Industry

Corn that will be used as a source of biofuel via biodiesel heating equipmentFor high temperature applications, such as in the biodiesel distillation process, thermal fluid heating is the preferred method due to the benefits it provides to the process. The superior design of our biodiesel heating equipment for combustion of most fuels and their flexibility to incorporate cooling loops make for more precise reactions.

In order to yield the highest quality biodiesel, the distillation process involves using thermal fluid heaters and high temperature reactions. The biodiesel fuel that is produced through distillation is almost clear and is easily blended, making it preferred by most users.

Efficient Industrial Biodiesel Heating Equipment to Meet Your Facility’s Needs

American Heating Company is your source for reliable and efficient biodiesel heating equipment. We produce some of the most advanced thermal fluid heaters available in the industry that require minimal maintenance or service, helping you maximize your profit and ensure your operation remains up and running.

With over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing heating equipment, we are your one stop shop for biodiesel heating solutions. Our thermal fluid heaters feature serpentine coil heating technology that set our heaters apart from the competition.

Choose American Heating Company for Quality, Cost-effective Biodiesel Thermal Fluid Heating Equipment

Whether you’re looking for an entire thermal fluid heating system for your biodiesel distillation process or just need a few components, American Heating Company is your one stop shop. From industrial biodiesel heating systems customized to meet your needs to steam generators to heat exchangers and beyond, we can cover all of your process heating needs.

Learn more about how our thermal fluid heaters can help improve the profitability of your biodiesel refinery and can help you produce high quality biodiesel, efficiently and effectively.

Call us today at (715) 748-5888 or complete our quick and easy contact form for more information and to discuss your specific process heating needs.

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