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Thermal Fluid Heaters from American Heating Company

Industrial Thermal Fluid Hot Oil Heater from American Heating CoAmerican Heating Company is the acknowledged leader in the technology of packaged thermal fluid heaters and hot oil heaters. We are proud to be the only heater company in this market to offer a serpentine radiant coil unit as the standard in our industrial thermal fluid heater design.

While we also build smaller, helical coil heaters, our serpentine coil thermal fluid heaters have taken industrial heating technology to a new level. From fuel efficiency to unmatched durability and performance, our versatile thermal fluid heaters have surpassed the expectations of our customers in various industries.

Industrial Thermal Fluid Heaters Offering Durability & Efficiency

The American Heating Company serpentine coil heater has become synonymous with fuel efficiency. Each thermal fluid heater has a finned tube economizer section that is a standard design feature. Efficiencies of up to 90% L.H.V. can be achieved with these heaters without the use of air preheat.

With today’s uncertain and often skyrocketing fuel costs, one of our units can pay for itself in a little more than one year when replacing an older, inefficient unit.

What’s more – our heaters can last for decades. Some customers have been utilizing the same American Heating Company thermal fluid heaters for nearly 30 years! You can learn more about the advantages of thermal fluid heaters here.

The Benefits of Serpentine Coil Thermal Fluid Heaters from American Heating Company

There are dozens of attributes and benefits that set our thermal fluid heaters apart from our competitors’. A few key advantages include:

Longer Thermal Fluid & Coil Life

The main benefits of the serpentine coil unit are longer thermal fluid life and much longer coil life.

The large combustion chamber in an American Heating Company serpentine coil heater allows for the development of the burner flame without any flame impingement on the coil supports or the heater tubes. This means you get years of faultless operation from your thermal fluid heater without having to replace the coils or refresh the thermal fluid, so you can keep your operations running smoothly for years at a time.

Minimal Maintenance & Easy Repairs

The American Heating Company serpentine coil thermal fluid heater is also built with your maintenance needs in mind. Our state-of-the-art design allows for easy removability of the radiant coil and access into the heater. With the use of bolted and gasketed removable heads, the entire serpentine coil can be removed from the thermal fluid heater and a tube can be repaired or replaced in less than one day. This single maintenance item alone can save you tens of thousands of dollars on coil repair and downtime loss.

High Efficiency & Competitive Pricing

In addition to being competitively priced, our thermal fluid heaters are 10 to 15% more efficient than hot oil heaters that feature helical coils, and they’re built to last longer. Learn more about the advantages of our serpentine coil technology!

Thermal Fluid Heater Applications

Our innovative thermal fluid heaters and heating systems are used in numerous industries for a variety of applications, including:

We have the capability to design and customize heating solutions for these applications and so many more! If you’re in need of an industrial heater you can rely on, we can work with you to design and develop the thermal fluid heating solution you need.

Start-up Support

When it’s time to install your new thermal fluid heater, rest assured you’re not in it alone. At Enerquip, we provide the full setup and startup support for our thermal fluid heaters and asphalt heaters. This includes a review of installed work and lines, supervision of the filling system, circulation of the oil, testing of circuits and safeties, bringing lines online, troubleshooting, and training on monitoring and operation of the system.

For the Best in Industrial Thermal Fluid Heaters, Choose American Heating Company

If you’re considering replacing or upgrading some of your industrial heating equipment, American Heating Company can help! Our team of skilled engineers can work with you to assess your industrial heating needs and design a customized thermal fluid heater that will increase your plant’s efficiency. We would be pleased to have one of our engineers review the operation of your existing heater and calculate your potential fuel savings when replacing the heater with a high-efficiency American Heating Company unit.

American Heating Company’s Serpentine Coil Heaters are top of the line API-style heaters built to satisfy rigorous standards. With their innovative construction, our high-quality thermal fluid heaters enable longer fluid and coil life, requiring minimal maintenance and repair. They are built to last and operate efficiently for many years.

Interested in learning more about how our industrial heating equipment can benefit your business? Contact us today at (715) 748-5888 or by completing our easy online form to talk to our team about how American Heating Company’s Serpentine Coil Heater can increase your efficiency and satisfy your industrial heating needs.

Curious about our other industrial heating products? Our serpentine coil thermal fluid heater is just one of the numerous efficient heaters in the American Heating Company product line. Browse our full selection of heaters here.

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