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Custom Designed Industrial Process Heaters from American Heating Company

Industrial process heaters are heat exchangers used in a variety of industries, including the chemical and asphalt industries. These heat exchangers function as a part of larger industrial heating systems including components like thermal fluid heaters, waste heat economizers, and steam generators. Electric process heaters utilize helical and serpentine coils and have the capability to efficiently heat both liquids and gases. They come standard or can be custom designed to meet the unique needs of your facility.

Innovative Industrial Process Heating Equipment

At American Heating Company, our industrial heating experts have extensive knowledge related to heat transfer, making us uniquely qualified to design custom industrial heating solutions for your plant or facility. We have substantial experience designing custom industrial heating systems for customers who were unable to find another heating system manufacturer that could satisfactorily meet the design criteria specified.

Our innovative attitude towards industrial process heaters has enabled us to develop the following:

  • A full line of asphalt heaters designed specifically for roofing plants and storage terminals. These industrial heaters allow for long run times and low film temperatures.
  • Waste heat economizers designed to heat any process liquid with flue gas exhaust off turbines and/or incinerators
  • Thermal cracking heaters with outlet temperatures to 750ºF. These innovative heaters are now being used to heat used motor oil so that the product can be refined to new clean No.2 fuel oil.

With our heaters, our customers are enjoying high efficiencies as well as low maintenance costs.

Find Out How Our Industrial Process Heating Systems Can Benefit Your Business

Interested in learning more about how our innovative industrial process heating systems and high quality industrial heating equipment can make your facility more efficient and cost-effective? Contact us today! We’re a reliable one-stop-shop resource for top of the line, American-made industrial heating systems that are built to last.

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