Helical Coil Thermal Fluid Heater

Helical Coil Thermal Fluid Heaters from American Heating Company

Many American Heating Company customers have asked us to design a thermal fluid heater that is less expensive than the serpentine coil design. These customers have requested the quality and service that American Heating Company is so well known for, in a cost effective and economical design. Hard economic times sometimes call for hard decisions based on initial investment costs alone and the helical coil heater is the answer.Helical Coil Thermal Fluid Heater

Cost-Effective Helical Coil Thermal Fluid Heaters from American Heating

In order to meet customer demand, our engineers have designed and built our compact helical coil thermal fluid heaters, HC-130 and HC-210. This design incorporates the economical qualities of a helical coil heater with the same standards of quality and excellence that are the main focus of each of American Heating Company’s products.

Our smaller HC-130 model is rated at 1.3 MM Btu/Hr. and our larger HC-210 model is rated at 2.1 MM Btu/Hr.

The helical coil heater design efficiency is 85-90% of the serpentine coil design which is due to their lower maximum temperature rating. If tube maintenance is required, the entire coil bundle must be replaced versus just a section with the serpentine coil. However, the cost of our HC-130 and HC-210 heaters is very competitive and our customers will have peace-of-mind knowing they purchased a high quality and cost effective thermal fluid heater from American Heating Company.

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American Heating Has Your Helical Coil Industrial Heater Solution

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, American Heating Company has become a name synonymous with providing high quality, cost-efficient thermal fluid heating products that meet the needs of our clients. AHC engineers will work with you to assess your specific industrial heating needs, review the operation of your existing heater and determine possible fuel savings with the installation of a new American Heating Company unit that will increase your plant’s efficiency.

If initial cost is a prime consideration for your next project, let American Heating Company’s helical coil thermal fluid heaters be your heater of choice.

To learn more about how American Heating Company’s helical coil thermal fluid heaters can benefit your business, contact us online now or give us a call today at (715) 748-5888.

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