Industrial Immersion Heaters from American Heating Company

Bayonet heater from American Heating CompanyIndustrial bayonet heaters are a type of tank immersion heater ideal for heating entire tanks of fluids. These immersion heaters have a variety of applications in numerous industries, including the chemical process industry. And because customization matters, our bayonet heaters can be built with carbon steel or 316L stainless steel.

How Bayonet Industrial Immersion Heaters Work

Immersed directly in fluids, bayonet immersion heaters, or bayonet heat exchangers, efficiently transfer heat to large quantities of liquids, making them a cost-effective option for regulating the temperature of process solutions, oils, heat transfer fluids, and more.

American Heating Company’s bayonet tank heaters consist of a carbon steel or 316L stainless steel custom-designed tube bundle that efficiently transfers heat, along with a mounting flange that is bolted to the side of the tank.

Unlike our suction heaters, which are designed to heat liquids as they are pumped, our bayonet heat exchangers are designed to efficiently heat entire tanks of fluid. The bayonet heater is completely immersed in the tank and the heating coil is directly exposed to the fluid. Learn more about the different heat exchanger options available here.

Learn More About Efficient Tank Immersion Heaters from American Heating Company

Bayonet heaters from American Heating Company are American-made and built to the highest quality standards. They require little to no maintenance and are a valuable component of industrial heating systems for plant facilities in a variety of industries.

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