Heat Exchangers

Industrial Heat Exchangers from American Heating Company

Heat Viscous Fluids Efficiently with Our High Quality Industrial Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers work in conjunction with other industrial heating equipment to regulate the temperature of viscous fluids such as oil and asphalt. They are an integral element of industrial heating systems in a variety of industries.

At American Heating Company, we manufacture a variety of high quality heat exchangers, including:

  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers – custom designed to heat viscous fluids from outside the storage tank using hot oil or steam.
  • Suction Heaters – custom designed to efficiently heat fluids as they are pumped through them using hot oil or steam.
  • Bayonet Heaters– attach to the side of the tank and have the capability to heat the entire tank filled with fluid.

Our full line of heat exchangers also includes the following:

  • Hot Oil to Asphalt Exchangers
  • Steam to Asphalt Exchangers
  • Hot Oil to No.6 Oil Exchangers
  • Steam to No. 6 Oil Exchangers
  • Hot Oil to No.2 Oil Exchangers
  • Steam to No. 2 Oil Exchangers
  • Hot Oil to Steam Generators

Our tank heating products are built to ASME code and are code stamped. Our team works hard to manufacture high quality industrial heaters and heating equipment that is build to last, requiring minimal maintenance and repair. When you buy a heat exchanger from American Heating Company, you can feel confident you have invested in a product you can rely on.

Custom Heat Exchangers For a Variety of Industrial Applications

From customized heat exchangers that meet unique specifications to standard heat exchangers, hot oil heaters and other industrial heating equipment, American Heating Company can meet your needs. Our expert engineering staff had extensive experience designing and manufacturing high quality heating equipment for use in numerous industries.

Keep your plant running smoothly and efficiently with heating equipment from American Heating Company. Give us a call today at (715) 748-5888 or fill out our online contact form to learn more about how heaters from American Heating Company can benefit your facility!

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