How Large-Scale Contractors Can Benefit from Acquiring Asphalt Plants

Factory for asphalt production

If you’ve ever spent hours waiting around on a job site for asphalt from a competitor’s plant to arrive, then you know just how frustrating it is to be reliant on someone else’s business. Delays can stall work and cost you hard-earned money. But is this frustration worth purchasing your own asphalt plant?

For some large-scale contractors, the answer is yes! From on-time deliveries to product availability and plant efficiency, acquiring your own asphalt plant can be a worthy return on investment for your business in the long term. 

6 Reasons to Acquire Your Own Asphalt Plant

Don’t know if investing in an asphalt plant is worth the price? Read our top reasons how large scale contractors would benefit from acquiring their own asphalt plant:

You Can Produce the Product When You Need It

Probably the most convenient part of having your own asphalt plant is immediacy: having your asphalt ready to use as soon as you need it. When you order asphalt from a competitor’s plant, you get put in a line behind other customers. But when you order from yourself, your priorities come first!

You Have Control Over Scheduling and When Deliveries Are Made

Every large scale contractor knows that time = money. And each minute your workers are standing around on the job site waiting for your asphalt to be delivered, you’re losing money. When you own your own asphalt plant, you can ensure your deliveries will arrive on time, at a time best for your schedule (not the suppliers!), so there’s no loss to the productivity of your crew, and that’s a worthy ROI.

You’ll Have More Influence on Plant Efficiency

Asphalt plants can consume a ton of energy and resources through their everyday operations, and if a plant isn’t properly managed, it can be difficult to produce enough asphalt per hour to supply customer demands and remain efficient. When you’re the plant manager, you’ll have more influence over the factors that contribute to your asphalt plant’s efficiency so you can keep the plant functioning at maximum capacity while keeping costs down and productivity up.

Contractors Can Take on More Jobs and Complete them More Efficiently

When you’re not waiting on delayed deliveries from competitors’ plants, that means you and your crew have extra time to not only take on more contracting jobs, but complete them quicker, boosting your company’s profitability.

You’ll Be in Charge of Plant Maintenance

Many companies don’t focus on developing regular plant maintenance procedures until they’ve run into a major issue, which can halt production and leave your customers high and dry. Being in charge of maintaining your own equipment and systems can make a tremendous impact on plant efficiency and productivity—meaning greater ROI for you.

You’re in Control When Outages Occur and Repairs are Needed

When that time comes that your plant is shutdown for an unexpected reason, it’s nice to have a dependable person in charge who’s looking out for your business’s best interest—you! When you’re the owner, you’re in charge to successfully manage your plant shutdown and learn from the experience to make sure it doesn’t happen again. 

Is Acquiring an Asphalt Plant Right For Your Business?

When you take a look at all the benefits, it’s clear owning your own asphalt plant can make a significant impact on your business.

From increasing efficiency to getting your asphalt as soon as you need it, investing in an asphalt plant can help many large-scale contractors in the long run.

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