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Shell and Tube Exchanger American Heating Company
Shell and Tube Exchanger

Hot Water Heaters American Heating Company
Hot Water Heater

Hot Water Heaters American Heating Company
Hot Water Heater

Waste Heat Economizers American Heating Company
Waste Heat Economizer
Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers - American Heating Company supplies a line of shell and tube exchangers specifically designed to heat viscous fluids. They are custom designed bare tube exchangers that are located external to the storage tanks. Product is heated using either hot oil or steam. The shell and tube exchanger serves the same function as the Suction Heater, however it is located outside the tank.

All American Heating Company Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers are built to ASME code and are code stamped.

Hot Water Heaters - As a natural extension of our expertise in the design of thermal fluid heaters, our engineers have designed a full line of Helical Coil Hot Water heaters. These heaters can be sized to accommodate heater duties from 0.5 MM BTU/Hr. to 100 MM BTU/Hr.

The design of American Heating Company Hot Water Heaters is a helical coil design wherein the water flows through the tubes. Flow rates can change from 40 gpm to 4000 gpm of water. The water is instantaneously heated in the tubes of the heater and outlet water temperature is controlled by the use of a digital automatic temperature controller.

The tube material of our water heaters can be as simple as carbon steel for treated water applications to as exotic as TP 316L stainless steel for severe applications.

Process Heaters - American Heating Company Process Heaters can be used in a wide variety of applications. With our vast experience and knowledge of heat transfer, American Heating can custom design any heater for your specific need. Listed below are just a few of the projects that our customers asked us to build because none of our competitors could satisfactorily meet the design criteria specified.

  • We have a full line of Asphalt Heaters designed specifically for roofing plants and storage terminals to allow for long run times and low film temperatures. With our heaters, our customers are enjoying high efficiencies as well as low maintenance cost.
  • We have economizers designed to heat any process liquid with flue gas exhaust off turbines and/or incinerators.
  • Our thermal Cracking Heaters with outlet temperatures to 750F are now being used to heat used motor oil so that the product can be refined to new clean No.2 fuel oil.
  • Heaters designed to burn a waste oil or No.6 fuel oil, while requiring a minimum amount of maintenance, are in operation around the world.

Waste Heat Economizers - Due to the unique design of all the American Heating Company's Heaters, utilizing a Finned Tube Convection Section, the concept of building all convective. Waste Heat Economizers, followed as a natural extension to the heater business.

The technology was already in place to design and build Waste Heat Economizers and the Marketplace dictated the need for American Heating Company to participate. As a result, American Heating Company now offers both Finned Tube and Bare Tube Waste Heat Economizers in a variety of designs and for many different applications. Some of these applications include:

  • Heating Thermal/Process Fluid in an Economizer using Turbine Exhaust Gas.
  • Heating Thermal/Process Fluid in an Economizer using the Flue Gases from a Thermal Oxidizer or Incinerator.
  • Heating Asphalt in an Economizer using the exhaust gas from a Thermal Oxidizer or Incinerator.