Durable, Long-Lasting and Efficient Tank Heating Coils

At American Heating Company, we carefully design and build our tank heating coils to last for many years. We realize how difficult it is to get into a tank filled with fluid to repair or replace a tank heating coil and, therefore, take extra care with this important piece of equipment. Many years of design and practical operating experience go into the process and mechanical design of every tank heating coil. With the use of seamless pipe and solid helically wound fins, you can be assured that the utmost in quality goes into every design.

American Heating Company can utilize either steam or thermal fluid as the heating medium of our tank heating coils. The fluid to be heated can vary greatly from project to project and American Heating Company engineers can design tank heating coils for any of these projects, even when materials such as stainless steel must be utilized. These coils can also be designed to fit into an existing tank manway or into any specialty tank, whether it is vertical or horizontal.

Benefits of a Helically Wound Tank Heating Coil Versus a Longitudinal Coil

Helically Wound Fins are the best solution in comparison to Longitudinal Fins for a variety of different reasons. Experience has shown that the horizontally installed helically wound fin tubes have two times better heat transfer than a longitudinal horizontally installed solution. Helically wound coils require only half as many coils as longitudinal coils thereby saving significant capital and installation cost.  The helically wound fin design removes the “Dead Spots” that occur in  a longitudinal fin which makes the helically wound coil much less likely to coke.

For an illustration of a coked longitudinal coil, please click here.

Helically Wound Coil Versus Bare Pipe Coils

A helically wound fin solution over a bare pipe solution has several advantages. With the helically wound coil, you have 10-12x greater surface area per foot of pipe so you need significantly less pipe to heat the tank.  The other significant advantage is that at AHC we do an exact thermal calculation based on your boiler or hot oil heater to create a specific solution.  Most customers or engineering companies that use bare pipe simply put as much pipe in the bottom of the tank that they can fit which can create other issues.  A coil system from AHC can save 50-75% in comparison to a bare pipe solution.

Learn more about how AHC tank coils can save 50-75% on project cost versus bare pipe! 

The “Standard Heating Design” in the above attachment is an actual design from a large scale engineering firm.  It is estimated to cost 75% more versus AHC solution.

  • 10-12 x Surface Area
  • Specific Heat Calculations
  • Frees Up Bottom of Tank
  • Significantly Less Welds Inside Tank
  • Quicker And Much Less Installation Cost

Learn more about Tank Heating Coils – .pdf file (1,135 kb)

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